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Triangles are also known as the 3-sided polygons because every triangle consists of 3 sides which closely bound it into a closed shape. Because of the sides, the angles are formed and hence a triangle consists of 3 angles. Based on the length of the sides, a triangle is categorized as an equilateral triangle, isosceles triangle or a scalene triangle. Similarly on the measure of the angles, a triangle is categorized as acute triangle, obtuse triangle and right triangle. With the help of these triangles, we can evaluate the measure of the sides and the angles.

Example 1: If the angles in a triangle are (x + 15)º, (2x + 35)º and (x + 30)º, then what is the measure of each angle in the triangle?

Sum of the angles in a triangle= 180º

So x+ 15+ 2x+ 35+ x+ 30= 180º

This gives: 4x+ 80= 180º

This implies: 4x= 180º - 80==> 4x= 100==> x= 100/4 = 25

This gives: (x + 15) = 25 + 15= 40º

(2x + 35) = 50 + 35= 85º

(x + 30)= 25 + 30= 55º

Hence the measure of the angles are 40º, 85º and 55º.
Example 2: Angles in a triangle are 60º, 65º and xº. What is the value of the third angle?
Sum of the angles in a triangle= 180º

This gives: 60º + 65º + xº = 180º

Now in order to solve for ‘x’, we can add the numbers first.

This implies: 125º + xº = 180º

Hence, xº = 180º - 125º = 55º

Therefore the measure of the third angle, x = 55º

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