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Theoretical Yield Calculator - Online Calculator - Tutorpace

Theoretical Yield Calculator

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Theoretical yield calculator helps to find the products of a complete chemical reaction. It helps to determine the efficiency of a reaction which helps gain maximum industrial profit.

Theoretical yield = actual yield/percent yield  x 100 %

Example 1: Determine the Theoretical yield if the actual yield = 3000 and percent yield is 30%

In the given question, we need to find theoretical yield

Given , actual yield = 3000 liters

Percent yield = 30 %

According to the formula for Theoretical yield

Theoretical yield = actual yield/percent yield x 100

Theoretical yield = (3000 liters / 30) x 100

= 100 x 100 = 10000 Liters

Answer ; Theoretical yield = 10,000 Liters.

Example 2: Explain the difference between Theoretical yield and actual yield

Actual yield is the amount of product that is actually produced in the lab during the experiment. Theoretical yield is the amount

of product that is supposed to be produced in ideal conditions.

But while working in the lab many experimental errors are made that makes the actual yield much less than the theoretical

yield. At times some impurities and side products that are not filtered make the actual yield more than the Theoretical yield.

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