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Subtracting Decimals Calculator - Online Calculator - Tutorpace

Subtracting Decimals Calculator

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Decimals is a fraction whose denominator is in tens like 4.57. To subtract 2 decimals we need to take away the smaller number from the bigger number. This calculator is used to calculate the subtraction up to any decimal places. This also works well with round off method.

This  tool is also used  in scientific calculations

We follow some steps  to subtract a decimal numbers from other decimal number

(i) First we covert given decimal number to like decimals.

(ii) In second step we write both the decimal one below to other

(iii) In third step , subtract ignoring decimals

(Iv) Place the decimal and we have final answer

Example 1: Calculation of the subtraction of 35.4 – 2.653

Solution 1: Here we need to convert first 35.4 to like decimal by adding two more zero's.

- 2.653

Example 2: Calculation of the subtraction of 54.25 from 732.46

Solution 2: For a given question we need to subtract the bigger number from the smaller number.

- 54.25

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