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Specific Gravity Calculator

Specific Gravity Calculator

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Specific Gravity Calculator is used to calculate the ratio of the density of a substance compared to the density (mass of the same unit volume Kg/m3) of a reference substance. Also it is known as relative density.

Specific Gravity = SG = ρ/ ρ r = Density of substance/ Density of reff substance 

Example 1: Using Specific Gravity Calculator for a substance with mass 18.5g and volume 23.4 ml, with reference substance’s Density is 1 kg/m3

For the given problem:

m = mass = 18.5g

V = volume = 23.4 ml

 Density of reff substance = ρr = 1 kg.m3

We need to find the density of the substance. Density = mass/volume

Mass in kg = 18.5 /1000 = 18.5 x 10-3 kg

ρ = (18.5/1000) kg / 23.4 ml /

c = 34700/(350 x 151) = 34700/52850 = 0.65657521286 J/(g x ?C)

Example 2: Find the final temperature of 400 g of a material when 24,000 Joules of heat are applied, and the initial temperature was 20 ?C. The specific heat is 7.5 J/(g?C)

m =mass=400g

Q = energy = 24000 joules

 ΔT = change in temperature = x-20 =(x–20)? C

c = Specific heat =7.5 J/(g?C)

We need to find the final temperature. Now Since Q = cmΔT, therefore ΔT = Q/mc

ΔT =24000/ (400x7.5) =80 ?C.

Final temperature x=80+20 = 100?C.

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