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Solving Inequalities Calculator - Online Calculator - Tutorpace

Solving Inequalities Calculator

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 Solve Inequalities Calculator is used to calculate the value of the variable of the inequality equation. Inequality equations are equations that have greater than or smaller than instead of equal to sign. This calculator calculates the equation by bring the variable on left side, and then simplify to get the value of variable. 

Example 1: Using solving inequality calculator to solve the equation
(2x + 6)2 + 21 < 30

For the given problem: To bring variable on left side we will subtract both sides by 21

(2x+6)2+21-21 < 30-21; (2x+6)2 < 9

Simplify by doing square root on both sides

2x+6 < 3

Subtract both the sides by 6

2x+6–6 < 3-5; 2x< -2

Divide both the sides with 2

x < -2/2; x < -1

Answer: x less than -1

Example 2: Using solving inequality calculator to solve the equation
(2x + 5) > 6

For the given problem: We will simplify the equation 1st

2x + 5 > 6

To bring variable x on left side and rest on right side, we will subtract 5 on both sides

2x + 5 – 5 > 6 – 5

2x > 1

Divide both the sides by 2

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