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Sin Cos and Tan Calculator - Online Calculator - Tutorpace

Sin Cos and Tan Calculator

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Sine Cos & Tan Calculator is very effective means of finding angles in trigonometry. This is generally used in every day to day life. Most importantly the combination of these three can solve highly complex problems as well. It can generate a number of relations, which can help us to find more the one unknown variable.

Sin Cos & Tan Calculator is used to find the position of an object and also helps to find the inclination of an object.
Sin  angle  = opposite/ hypotenuse
Cos angle  =  adjacent / hypotenuse
Tan angle   =  opposite/ adjacent

Example 1.Given adjacent = 3 cm, Hypotenuse = 5 cm and Opposite = 4cm. Find Sine and tangent of angle.
Solution:-  For the given value of adjacent , hypotenuse and opposite , we  will find:
Sin of Angle = opposite/ hypotenuse
                      = 4/5.
Tan angle   =  opposite/ adjacent
                   = 4/3

Example 2.Given adjacent = 12 cm, Hypotenuse = 13 cm and opposite= 5 cm. Find Sin Cos and tan of angle.
Solution 2:- Given Base = 12 cm, Hypotenuse = 13 cm, And Perpendicular = 5 cm.
Sin  angle  = opposite/ hypotenuse
                   = 5/13
Cos angle  =  adjacent / hypotenuse
                   = 12/13
Tan angle   =  opposite/ adjacent
                   = 5/12

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