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Simplifying Complex Fraction Calculator - Online Calculator - Tutorpace

Simplifying Complex Fraction Calculator

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When we solve an expression to get the simplest possible result of the equation it is called Simple Equation. Complex Fraction is basically a fraction within another fraction. It involves simplifying a given expression which will have fractions in them and may includemany steps and processes and may followDividing, multiplying, addition and subs traction in the same expression .It should be noted that the Fraction Bar or the main Fraction Line  should be treated as “Division Line”.


1/4/1/8  and  x2/6=x2/8 can be denoted as complex fraction because 1/4th and 1/8th are fraction and they are separated by the fraction bar

Example 1.
 SOLVE   7/9
Or    7X 9   =7  Here we must note that the Division Line is being substituted by the
        9     8     8     multiplication sign and 8/9 is reversed and written as 9/8.

Example 2.
Solve  6/2 – 3
           4/2 -2

Here, we simplify the numerator and denominator separately first. The top line above the fraction bar is referred as numerator and the bottom one as denominator.
6/2 can be written as 3 and 4/2 can be written as 2.
Now the expression is in the form
3-3 = 0

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