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Simplify Expression Calculator

Simplify Expression Calculator

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An algebraic expression consists of constants, variables and a finite number of operations (division, addition, subtraction, product and exponentiation by an exponent that is a rational number). For example, 3x2  + 2x + c , is an algebraic expression.

The simplify expression calculator tool can be used to solve and evaluate different kinds of situations involving the simplifying of expressions.

Question 1.  Simplify the given Expression                  
6x4y4 + 8x2y2 + 9x2y2 -3x2y3
Simplifying the expression,
6x4y4 + 8x2y2 + 9x2y2 -3x2y3
First we reorder the given terms:
8x2y2 + 9x2y2 + -3x2y3 + 6x4y4
Now we combine the like terms, we know that 8x2y2 + 9x2y2 = 17x2y2
= 17x2y2 + (-3x2y3) + 6x4y4
= 17x2y2 + (-3x2y3) + 6x4y4
Question 2:- 5x2+7x-2x2-10x+5
Solution : -
We have two terms that have an x squared which we can combine and we have two terms that have an x that we also can combine.
The number 5 does not have anything common, so it cannot be combined to any other number as there are no pure numeric expressions to combine 5 with.
Now we will group the like terms together and combining them. Steps are given below:-
= 5x2-2x2+7x-10x+5
= 3x2-3x+5.

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