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Significant Figure Calculator - Online Calculator - Tutorpace

Significant Figure Calculator

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Significant figures are figures which really gives information about how precise the figure is.
In the significant calculator we enter the number that we wish to have formatted with significant figures and it will thereby display the formatted version. The calculator follows proper rounding rules for scientific purposes.

Example 1.
Find the significant figures of 30.05, 30.0, 0.3002.
Solution :
30.05: here we have 4 significant figures since we calculate only 4 significant figures.
30.0: here we calculate all the figures including 0(ZERO). The 0 after the decimal point is significant as it indicates that the given figure is being measured to the nearest 0.1 value.
0.3002: Here we have 4 significant figures the 0 before the decimal is not significant. So we do not calculate that 0 we start calculating after the decimal and the 0 witihn the figures are also calculated since they are significant.

Example 2
Here we have three significant figures as 800 we don’t include the zero before the number 8 because it doesn’t precise the measurement.

Example 3.
Here we have 4 significant figures Zeros within the numbers are counted as significant figures.

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