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Signifcant Figures Calculator Online - Online Calculator - Tutorpace

Signifcant Figures Calculator Online

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It’s an online tool for calculating significant figures of a number.
If we provide a number then it gives us the number of significant figures.
We don’t count leading zeros because it is a non-significant number. The calculator gives proper answer in a scientific way. It usually rounds up the next digit if it is higher than 5 and round down if it is lower than 5 and if it is 5 it rounds up half the time and down half the time. This is usually based on the previous digit which can be either even or odd.
Example 1

Find the significant figure for 542
Since it does not have any 0(Zero) or any decimal after the Zero or before the Zero, we have 3 significant numbers.
Example 2
Here we have three significant figures as 800 we don’t include the zero before the number 8 because it doesn’t precise the measurement.

Example 3

5006: here we have 4 (four) significant digits because Zeros (0) between Two Digits are always significant.

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