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Rounding Calculator

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Rounding of a number is a process to assign a numerical value to place value. Rounding number calculator is a calculator

tool which round off the number up to specified digits.

To round off a number we look at the right digit of the place value and decide the numerical value of place value

accordingly. If it is less than 5 then place value remains unchanged. If it is 5 or greater than 5 then numerical value of

place value becomes one more than place value.

Example 1:  round 25.2 to nearest tens.

 Solution: here tens place digit is 2 and its place value is 2. Number to the right side of 2 is 5. Since it is 5 or greater than 5 we

increase a place value 2 by 1 and right side digit 5 becomes zero.

2 + 1 = 3    and instead of 5 write 0.

Hence 25.2 rounding to nearest tens is 30.

Example 2: round 1001.9 to the nearest thousands.

Solution: here thousands place digit is 1 and units place digit is 1. Since units place digit is 1

(i.e. less than 5) numerical value of thousands place number remains same as its place value.

Make all digits zero except the thousand place digit. Hence we get a number rounded to the nearest thousands of 00.9 as


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