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Ratio Calculator

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Ratio is a numerical form in Mathematics, where this form is used to compare any two quantities. Ratios are

used to compare one quantity with another and these ratios can be also be simplified if necessary. Ratio

calculator is the simple online tool which can simplify given ratios to a simple ratio.

Example 1: In a classroom there are 12 girls and 14 boys. Express the ratio of girls to boys in the


Given: ->  Number of girls in the class = 12

Number of boys in the class = 14

Ratio of number of girls to number of boys -> 12: 14

Simplify the ratio  12: 14 -> divide the ratio by ‘2’

(12/2): (14/2) ->  6: 7

Hence the simplified ratio of girls to boys in the classroom  6: 7

Example 2: In a bag there are 10 apples and 6 oranges. Express the ratio of apples to oranges in

the bag.

Given: -> Number of apples in the bag = 10

Number of oranges in the bag = 6

Ratio of number of apples to oranges in the bag-> 10: 6

Simplify the ratio ->  10: 6-> divide the ratio by ‘2’

(10/2): (6/2) ->5: 3

Hence the simplified ratio of apples to oranges in the bag -> 5: 3


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