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Range of a Function Calculator

Range of a Function Calculator

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Range is the set of output values of a given function. Output values are nothing but the values of y. For example, consider a function

f(x) = x + 4 and domain values are {1, 2, 3} finding the range to the above data gives {5, 6, 7}

Example 1: State whether the given relation is a function or not and determine the range of the given function. {(4, 7), (6, 0), (-2,

9), (4, -6), (3, 8)}

Here the data is given in terms of ordered pairs. There are 5 ordered pairs. In each ordered pair the first value indicates x value and

the second indicates y value.

Domain = {-2, 3, 4, 6}

Range = {-6, 0, 7, 8, 9}      

The given relation is not a function because the input 4 has two output values 7 and -6.

Example 2: Find the range of the following functions

Here x can be any real number and y can be any real number.

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