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Pythagorean Theorem Calculator

Pythagorean Theorem Calculator

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In Euclidean geometry Pythagorean Theorem is defined for a Right angled triangle. The sum of the squares of the legs or sides is equal to the square of the largest side (Hypotenuse).

In the above triangle there is a right angle at base. Hence the triangle is called as Right angled triangle.

Example 1: In a right angled triangle if the two sides have a measure of 9cm and 12cm. Find the length of the largest side.


The sides of a right angled triangle a = 9cm and b = 12cm.

Always in a right angled triangle the largest side is the hypotenuse.

So we need to find the length of hypotenuse = c = ?

                                                                                       c = 15

Hence the length of the largest side = 15 cm

Example 2: A square has an area of 25 sq. feet. Find the length of the diagonal of a square.

Area of a square = 25 sq. feet

The formula for area of a square is side x side = s x s = s²

s² = 25

s = 5

So, the side of a square is 5 feet.

In a square each angle is a right angle (90º). Hence the diagonal is nothing but a hypotenuse with two sides

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