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PV nRt Calculator

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PV = nRt is the formula of the Ideal gas law. In this formula for a gas, ‘P’ stands for Pressure, ‘V’ stands for

Volume, ‘n’ stands for number of moles, ‘R’ stands for the Gas constant(R = 8.314J/moleK) and ‘T’ stands for

temperature. PV = nRT calculator is the online tool which can instantly calculate the missing quantity from the

given information.

Example 1: Calculate the pressure of the gas, if the volume is 2.0L at a temperature of 300K with

1.0moles of the gas.

Given: Volume, V = 2.0L

Temperature, T = 300K

Number of moles, n = 1.0moles

Gas constant, R = 8.314J/moleK

Ideal gas law -> PV = nRT

Solving for Pressure, P = nRT/V

P = (1.0 * 8.314 * 300)/(2.0)

Pressure of the gas, P = 1247.1kPa

Example 2: Calculate the volume of the gas, if the pressure is 150kPa at a temperature of 400K

with 2.0moles of the gas.

Given: Pressure, P = 150kPa

Temperature, T = 400K

Number of moles, n = 2.0moles

Gas constant, R = 8.314J/moleK

Ideal gas law -> PV = nRT

Solving for Volume, V = nRT/P

V = (2.0 * 8.314 * 400)/(150)

Volume of the gas, V= 44.34L


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