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Profit Percentage Calculator

Profit Percentage Calculator

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The profit percentage calculator is used to find the difference between the price of an item that paid for and

how much amount it sold for, expressed as a percentage. By using this calculator we easily find the how

much profit earned when selling price of an item and cost price of item is known. If the selling price is more

than the cost price it is called as profit otherwise loss.

                                                        Selling price – Cost price     x 100           
Profit percentage =                                 Cost price                                                        
Example 1: Cost price of a book is $45 and the selling price is $60.Calculate the profit percentage.

Solution steps:

Given that, selling price =$60

                   Cost price =$45

Profit =selling price –cost price

          = $60-$35

          = $15

Profit percentage = (15/45) *100

                            = 0.3333*100

                            = 33.33%

Answer is 33.33% of profit.

Example 2: Cost price of an item is $90 and the selling price is $120.Calculuate the profit


Solution Steps:

Selling price =$120

Cost price =$90

Profit = selling price – cost price

          = $120 -$90

          = $30

Profit percentage = (30/90) *100

                            = 0.3 * 100

                            = 30 %. 


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