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Polynomial Factor Calculator

Polynomial Factor Calculator

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Polynomial factor calculator is used to find the factors for a polynomial equation. The standard form of

polynomial equation is ax^2+bx+c then it can be easily converted into factored form. By using this calculator

we can find the factors for any type of polynomial equation like monomial or binomial.

Example 1: Find the factors for given polynomial equation 4x-24y.

Solution steps:

Write the each term in terms of product form.

4x = 4 * x

24y = 4 * 6 * y.

Here is the common factor is 4

Take out 4

4x – 24y = 4(x) - 4(6y)

               = 4 (x - 6y).

Example 2: Find the factors of given polynomial equation x^2+11x+30.

Solution steps:

Given that x^2+11x+30

Product of terms = 1* 30 =30

Sum of terms = 11x

Rewrite the product of terms as 6*5 =30

Sum of terms as 11x=6x+5x

Rewrite the given equation is

=x^2 +6x+5x+30

Factor the first two and last two terms separately by grouping like terms.

=(x^2+6x) + (5x+30)

Factor out the common multiple from each group.

=x(x+6) +5(x+6)

=(x+6) (x+5)

Factors of x^2+11x+30 is (x+5) (x+6).


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