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Polynomial Division Calculator

Polynomial Division Calculator

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Polynomial division calculator is used for dividing the polynomial equations with same degree or lower degree

polynomials. By using this calculator, we can easily simplify the polynomial equations or else we need to do

the long division. Polynomial division involves simplification of fraction or reducing the fraction in lowest terms.

Example 1: Simplify (3x +15) / 3.

Solution steps:

There is common factor in the numerator and denominator for reduce the given polynomial equation into

lowest terms.

Take out 3 forms the numerator.

=3(x) + 3(5) / 3

= 3(x+5)/3

Cancel out 3 form numerator and denominator


Answer is x+5.

Example 2: Simplify (x^2 -16) /(x - 4).

Solution steps:

Here we can use this formula for simplification.

a^2 – b^2 = (a+b) (a-b)

x^2 – 16 = x ^2 – 4 ^2

               = (x+4) (x-4)

Rewrite the given problem as shown below.

= (x+4) (x-4) / (x-4)

Cancel out (x-4) form numerator and denominator.

=(x +4)

Answer is x+4.


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