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Point Slope Form Calculator

Point Slope Form Calculator

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Point slope form calculator is used to find the point gradient form notation. Point Slope Form is used to

generate the Equation of a straight line passing through a given point with a slope. The result of the point

slope form is denoted by standard form an equation.

Formula for point slope from:

y-y1 =m(x-x1)

Here (x1,y1) is the point on the line

m=slope of the line

Example 1: Find the equation of the line that passes through (-2, 2) with slope of 5.

Solution steps:

Given that x1= -2 ,y1 =2 and Slope m= 5

y-y1 =m(x-x1)


y-2 =5(x+2)

y-2 =5x+10

y-2+2=5x+10+2 (Add 2 on both sides )

y =5x+12

Equation of a straight line in standard form is 5x-y+12=0

Example 2: Find the Standard form an equation that passes through (-3, -1) with slope -2.

Solution steps:

Given that x1= -3, y1 =-1 and Slope m= -2

y-y1 =m(x-x1)

y-(-1) =-2(x-(-3))



y+1-1=-2x-6-1 (Add 1 on both sides)


Equation of a straight line in standard form is 2x+y+7=0.


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