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Physics Equations

Physics Equations

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Physics is the branch of Science which involves the study of physical properties of matter and its energy. The concepts of Physics explain about the mechanics of our day-to-day life and based on these properties, various physics equations have been formulated.These equations relate different physical quantities together and based on the information given, they are also represented graphically where a physical quantity’s characteristics can be analyzed and evaluated. Physics equations in one-dimensional motion are also known as kinematic equations and they form the very important section of Physics called as Mechanics.

Example 1: An object initially travels with a velocity of 10m/sec and in a time interval of 6secs travels with a final velocity of 40m/sec. What is the acceleration of the car?

Given: Initial velocity of the object, vi= 10m/sec

Final velocity, vf= 40m/sec

Time taken, t= 6 seconds

Hence we use the Kinematic equation: vf = vi + at where ‘a’ is the acceleration of the object.

40= 10 + (a * 6) ==>30= 6a ==>a= 30/10 = 5m/sec2

Therefore the acceleration of the object, a = 5m/sec2.
Example 2: A car starts from rest and accelerates at 3m/sec2 for a certain distance over a time period of 4secs. Determine the distance travelled by the car.

Given: Car starts from rest ==>initial velocity, vi = 0m/sec

Acceleration of the car, a= 3m/sec2

Time period, t= 4secs

Hence we use the Kinematic equation: Distance, d = (vi* t) + (1/2 * a * t2)
d= (0 * 4) + (1/2* 3* 42) ==> d = 24m

Hence distance travelled by the car, d = 24m

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