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Physics Calculator

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Physicscalculator is very useful branch of science that has many branches and has contributed new technologies in the field of science. The physicshave set formulas and one need to substitute the values only and it helps in finding the result automatically.This can be understood and easily evaluated by the following given below examples:- 

Example 1:-

Findthe amount of work done by 100N force, when the ball is thrown at 60 degrees and distances

been 8m.

Solution 1:-

This question uses formula for work done

Force given is 100N and the angle is 60°. The distance been 8 m.

W = (F cos 60)S

= (100 cos 60) 8

= 100 x ½ x 8 = 400 J

Therefore here the work done by the force at 60 degree to throw a ball 8 m far is 400 J.

Example 2:-

Find Force required to pull 10 kg box having constant speed. The friction with the floor is 0.30.

Also find work done if the box is moved 5 m.

Solution 2:-

This question uses formula for force

Force = F = µN = µmg

Let us put the values F = 0.3 x 10 x 9.8 = 29.4 N

Therefore work done can be found be W = FS

29.4 x 5 = 147 J

Answer: The Force is 29.4 N and Work is 147 J.


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