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Perpendicular Line Calculator

Perpendicular Line Calculator

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If the angle made at the intersection point of two lines is a right angle or 90º then the two lines are said to be perpendicular. In mathematical terms, two lines are said to be perpendicular when the product of their slopes is -1.  If PQ and RS are two lines intersecting at point a and making an angle of 90 º at that point then it is denoted as PQ ? RS .

Example 1: State whether the given lines are perpendicular or not. 2y = 3x – 6 and 6y = -9x – 12
The given lines are  2y = 3x – 6 and 6y = -9x – 12
Find the slope of the line 2y = 3x – 6
The slope form of a line is y = mx + c

As the product of slopes is not equal to -1, these are not perpendicular lines.

Example 2: The equation of a line is y = 2x + 4. Find the perpendicular of that line which passes through the point (-6, 8).

The equation of a line is y = 2x + 4

This is of the form y = mx + c, here m stands for slope

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