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Permutation Calculator

Permutation Calculator

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Permutation calculatoris a very useful tool for arrangement of a number or ordering numbers into a one to one reference to the list. This tool uses Permutation rules and formulas.One need to substitute the values only and it helps in finding the result automatically. This tool is very effective and also helps in finding the solutions of typical problems. This can be understood and easily evaluated by the following given below examples:- 

Example 1:-

How many different ways to go out from a room by 6men from 7 doors of same room?

Solution 1:- Number of ways moving out of the room is given by7P6

7! / (7-6)!

= 7 * (6) * (5) * (4) *( 3 ) * (2) * (1)/  1 = 5040

Answer: There will be 5040 ways to move out of the 8 doors for the 5 men. 

Example 2:-

How many different words can be made from the word “Library” if all the letters are used?

Solution 2:-  Number of words will from Library will be = 7P7. This is when all the seven letters are


7 * (6) * (5) * (4) *(3) * (2) * (1) = 5040

Answer: There will be 5040 words that are possible to make from the word Library.


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