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Percentile Calculator

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 The Percentile calculator  refers to the process in which one of the variables divides the variables with distribution of a hundred groups into equal frequencies.

Example 1:-
Consider the 25th percentile for eight numbers given in the table.

The first step is to calculate the rank of the 25th percentile.
The formula is R = P/100 x (n +1) where is the desired percentile and n is the number of ranks. From the above interpretation we get to know that P is twenty five and N is eight.
So the output is
R = 25/100 x (8+1) = 9/4 = 2.25

Now the percentile will be –
1.      Lets suppose IR is the integer portion of R i.e number left to the decimal = 2
2.      FR = fraction portion of R it tends to be 0.25
3.      Scores with rank i.e IR +1 (2+1) i.e scores with rank 2 is 5 and scores with rank 3 is 8
4.      Multiply the difference between the scores by FR and result to the lower score  (0.25)(8-5)+5 = 5.75
Therefore 25th percentile is 5.75

Example 2: In a certain exam, 88 students scored less than John and the total number of students who appeared were 100. So calculate John’s Percentile.

Solution -        Number of people who scored less than John – 88
                        Total number of people – 100

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