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Percentage Change Calculator

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Percentage change calculator is used to calculate the percentage change between two quantities. The relative change or differences between two quantities are compared then the comparison is expressed in the ratio. This ratio form is multiplied by 100 and it can be expressed in the form of percentage it is called as percentage change.

Example 1: What is the percentage change from 75 to 81?

Solution: Formula for this problem is

Percent change = (New value – Old value)/ (Old value) x 100

Substitute New value = 81 and Old value = 75in the above formula.

            = (81-75)/75x 100  
            = (6/75) x 100

            = 0.08 x100

            = 8%

So, answer is 8% increase.

Example 2: The Length of 15 meters of bar is reduced to 12 meters. Calculate the percentage change.

Solution: The length of the bar is reduced form 15 meters to 12 meters.

Percent change = (Old value – New value) / (Old value) x 100

Substitute New value = 12 and Old value = 15 in the above formula.

                         = (15 -12)/ 12 x100

                         = (3 /12) x 100

                         = (1 /4) x 100

                         =0.25 x100

                        = 25 %

So Answer is 25% decrease.


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