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Percent Yield Calculator

Percent Yield Calculator

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Percent yield calculatoris very useful tool for evaluating effectiveness a reaction in which all the reactant is not converted to product. This tool uses theoretical yield and actual yield formulas. When all the limiting reagent is converted to a product we may get the theoretical yield which is used to find percent yield. 

Example 1:-

Find the Percent yield when 200.0 g N2 gas and 50.0g H2ismixed, they react to form ammonia gas


Solution 1:- N2 + 3H2à 2NH3

The initial amount of Nitrogen and hydrogen are

H2 = 50.0g x 1/2.016 = 24.8 mol

N2 = 200.0g x1/28.02 = 7.138 mol

There is excess of hydrogen. The theoretical yield will be

n Ammonia = 7.138 x 2/1 = 14.276 mol NH3

m Ammonia = 14.276 x 17.03/1 = 243.2 g NH3

Percent yield = (actual yield/theoretical yield)x100 = 57.92/243.2 x100 = 23.81 %

Example 2:-

Find the Percent yield when 384 g sulfur and oxygen is reacted to form 680g SO2 gas

Solution 1:- S6 + 6O2à6SO2

The initial amount of carbon

C = 384.0g x 1/192 = 2.0 mol

Total moles will be 2x6 = 12 moles of S6

There is excess of oxygen. The theoretical yield will be

Ammonia = 12 x 64/1 = 768 g SO2

Percent yield = (actual yield/theoretical yield)x100 = 680/768 x100 = 89 %


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