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Parallelogram Area Calculator

Parallelogram Area Calculator

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A closed polygon with two pairs of parallel sides forms a parallelogram. Properties of a parallelogram are

The opposite sides are equal in length and
The opposite angles are equal in measure.

Area of a parallelogram is given by  Base x Height = bh. Here height of a parallelogram is perpendicular to the base.

Example 1: Find the area of the parallelogram whose base is 12m and height is half of base.


            Base of a parallelogram = b = 12 m

            Height of a parallelogram = h = Half of base

         Area of the parallelogram = Base x Height = bh
                                                   = 12 x 6 = 72 sq. m

Hence the area of the parallelogram with base 12 m and height 6m is 72 sq. m or 72 m².

Example 2:  The area of a parallelogram is 125 sq. feet. Observe the given figure and find the base of the parallelogram.

            Area of the parallelogram = A = 125 sq. feet

From the figure,         
Height of the parallelogram = h = 25 feet

We know that,
Area of a parallelogram = Base x Height

 A = b . h

125 = b x 25

125 = 25 b

Divide by 25 on both sides.

Therefore the base of the parallelogram = b = 5 feet.

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