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Net Ionic Equation Calculator

Net Ionic Equation Calculator

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Whether you are a college or school student, you will likely to learn thousands of reactions which occur in the water after the Ions chemicals are mixed in a reaction. The equations can be written in details, depending on which part of the reactions you are most interested in learning about.  You may be interested in learning and writing about three reactions below:

  1. Complete Molecular Equations
  2. Complete Ionic Equations or
  3. Net Ionic Equation.
Complete Molecular Equations:  Complete Molecular equations also known as complete formula equations, or simply formula equations, or total formula equations.

In other words, complete molecular equation is a balanced chemical equation in which the ionic compounds are represented as molecules instead of component ions.

For example: when aqueous solutions of NaCI and AgNO3 are involved, we write the reactions on the left side arrow aq(NaCI) and aq (AgNO3). The reactions produce the result as NaNO3 and AgCI. Below is a formula to write a Complete Molecular Equation.


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