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Net Force Calculator

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It is clear from its name, that the Net force calculator is the vector sum of all the forces acting on the object lying in any condition. This force is the net total of all the forces acting in any direction.

This tool helps us in evaluating and understanding the concepts of Net Force.

Example 1:-
Calculate the net force acting on the object which is shown 

Step 1:

First of all we need to write down the upward force and downward force.
Upward Force = 120 N.
Downward Force = 20 N.

Step 2:
Since the upward force is greater than the downward force,
Net Force = Upward Force – Downward Force
          = 120 – 20
          = 100 N.

Example 2:-
Calculate the net force acting on the object which is shown below:- 

Step 1:-
In this type of question, first we need to make resultant diagram,

Step 2:- Since the rightward force is more than leftward force, so

Net force = Rightward force – Leftward force = 50 + (-10)   

           (Negative sign indicates reverse direction)

                                           = 50 – 10

                                           = 40 N.

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