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Negative Exponents Calculator

Negative Exponents Calculator

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In , b is called as base and x is called as an exponent. If x is negative then they are called as negative exponents. That is,

= b x b x ……… x b

If the exponent is negative then division is used instead of multiplication. Suppose we have then it is written as = = 


Example 1: Write the following expression using only positive exponents.

The given expression is .

Here -3 is the power or exponent for both and


Now apply the formula =


Now we got positive exponent 15 for x. But for y there is a negative exponent.


= = .

Hence the given expression with positive exponents is


Example 2: Find the values of the following expressions

  1. + (b) x

  1. +

Write into positive exponents. =



Write into positive exponents. =



+ = + =

  1. x

Write in positive exponents. =

Replacing with

x = = 1



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