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Molecular Formula Calculator

Molecular Formula Calculator

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The molecular formula calculator is defined as formula in which we always the composition of generally

Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon. Apart from this there may be different elements also. This tool is used to

find the Molecular formula with the help of well known atomic masses.

Question 1:-

Given the formula of C Vitamin: - C3H4O3. By experimenting someone found that the molecular mass of the

same is 180.Calculate the molecular formula of C vitamin? 

Solution 1:-

We know the molecular masses of these components mentioned below: -

Hydrogen: - 1.01

Carbon: -12.01

Oxygen: -16.00

Now we are given with C3H4O3:

So 3* 12.0 + 4*1.0 + 3*16.0 = 88.0

Now compare this with actual value that is 180. It is almost double than 88. Hence we will multiply C3H4O3 with


Hence the molecular formula of C vitamin is: - 2 x C3H4O3 = C6H8O6 

Question 2:-

Given formula is: - C2H5 and alsogiven molecular mass: - 60. Give detail in aspect of molecular formula of C2H5 ? 

Solution 2:-

We know the molecular masses of these components mentioned below: -

Hydrogen is 1.01

Carbon is 12.01

Now we are given with masses for C2H5 is: -

2*12.0 + 5*1.0 = 29.0

Now to convert 29.0 with 60, so we need to multiply with 2.


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