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Mathematical Calculator

Mathematical Calculator

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Mathematical calculator can do enormous jobs in flint of seconds. It can do addition, subtraction,

multiplication and division. It can also solve problems involving all of these with parenthesis also. In general it

follows PEMDAS. PEMDAS stands for Parenthesis, Exponents, 

Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction. This tool always follows this order, means it always doesthe

calculation in following the sequence. This generally helps in understanding of the facts and figures, as it is

so easy to learn. Apart from all this, this tool is multipurpose tool. It not only solvethe simple calculation but

also solve complex problems.

Question 1:-

Simplify the mentioned below terms:- 

(23x 32)/ 2

Solution 1:-

Given: -(23x 32)/ 2

Now we need to do simplification, then we will get the following:-

23-1 x 32

= 22x 32

= 4 x 9

= 36

Hence multiplication of the (23x 32)/ 2 is simplifying 36.

Question 2:-

Simplify the mentioned below term:-

(33x 32)/ 3

Solution 2:-

Given: -(33x 32)/ 3

Now we need to do simplification, then we will get the following:-

23 x 32-1

= 23x 31


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