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Graph Linear Inequalities Calculator

Graph Linear Inequalities Calculator

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Linear inequalities are functions where the highest exponent of the variable is ‘1’. Linear inequations have ‘greater than’ or ‘lesser than’ signs. Graphing a linear inequation includes the same procedure as linear equations, except there will be a shading region. Graph linear inequality calculator is the online tool helpful in graphing inequations.

Example 1: Graph the linear inequation x ≥ 0 on the X-Y plane.
Given inequation: x ≥ 0

Example 2: Give the solution for the linear inequation, 2x – 4 < 0

Given linear inequation: 2x – 4 < 0

Applying the same rules of solving an equation for the above inequation, we get

2x – 4 < 0 èAdd 4 on both sides

2x < 4 è Divide by 2 on both sides

2x/2 < 4/2

x < 2

The solution in interval notation    (-∞, 2)

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