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Graph Equation Calculator

Graph Equation Calculator

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An Equation is made up of constants and variables, and variables are also called as unknowns since their value is not known to us. The main purpose of an equation is to solve for the variables. These equations can also be represented graphically, and Graph equation calculator is the simple online tool which can graph equations accordingly.

Example 1: Find the intercepts of the equation, y = x + 5 and plot them on the X-Y plane.

Example 2: Find the intercepts of the equation, y = x – 1 and write them in their co-ordinate form.

Given equation: y = x – 1

To find the y-intercept, plug in x = 0  y = 0 - 1 = -1

y- intercept coordinate point = (0, -1)

Similarly, to find the x-intercept, plug in y=0   0 = x - 1  x = 1

x- intercept coordinate point = (1, 0)

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