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Formula Calculator

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Formula is a general rule followed by variables to make a statement true. There are many formulas in Math like the Binomial formula, Quadratic formula, Geometry formulas etc. Formula calculator is the online tool which can give answer to a question by applying the correct formula from its appropriate topic.

Example 1: Expand the given algebraic expression using the appropriate formula, (x + 4)2

Given algebraic expression: (x + 4)2

The appropriate formula for the above expression is > (a + b)2 = a2 + 2ab + b2

From the given expression, we can say that > a = x and b = 4

So applying the given formula we get.

 (x + 4)2 = x2 + (2 * x * 4) + 42

(x + 4)2 = x2 + 8x + 16

Example 2: Find the area of the rectangle given the length is 3m and width is 5m.

Given information: length, l = 3m and width, w = 5m

In order to find the area of the rectangle we can use its Area formula.

Area of a rectangle, A = length * width

So using the above formula, we plug in the given numbers in the place of length and width.

Area, A = 3m * 5m

Area of a rectangle, A = 15m2


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