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Factor Trinomial Calculator

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Trinomials are a part of the polynomial group of algebraic expressions. Trinomial expressions contain only ‘3’ terms separated by either addition or subtraction operation between the terms, and thus the name! Factor trinomial calculator is the fun tool which can instantly simplify and factor any given trinomial expression.

Example 1:Factor the given trinomial expression: x3y + 2x2y2 + xy3

Given polynomial expression: x3y + 2x2y2 + xy3

In the above three terms, we can see that ‘x’ and ‘y’ are the common factors, since they are present in all the three terms.

Hence we get > x3y + 2x2y2 + xy3 = xy(x2 + 2xy + y2)

Now (x  + y)(x + y) when multiplied together gives > (x2 + 2xy + y2)

Hence > (x2 + 2xy + y2) = (x + y) 2

Hence > x3y + 2x2y2 + xy3 = xy(x + y)2

Example 2: Factor the given trinomial expression: x3 - 8x2 + 15x

Given polynomial expression: x3 - 8x2+ 15x

In the above three terms, we can see that ‘x’ is a common factor.

Hence > x(x2 –8x +15)

Now(x2 –8x + 15)is in the form of a quadratic equation which can be factored as (x – 3) (x – 5)

Hence  (x2 –8x + 15) = (x – 3) (x – 5)

Hence the polynomial expression can be factored as > x3 - 8x2 + 15x = x(x – 3)(x – 5)

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