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Expression Calculator

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An expression is something which is made up of variables and constants and also a finite number of operations (division, addition, subtraction, product and exponentiation by an exponent that is a rational number). For example, 3x2 + 2x + c, is an algebraic expression.
The “Simplify the expression calculator tool” can be used to solve and evaluate different kinds of situations involving the simplifying of expressions.

Example 1. Simplify the given Expression
6x4y4 + 8x2y2 + 9x2y2 + -3x2y3
Simplifying the expression,                                                                  
6x4y4 + 8x2y2 + 9x2y2 + -3x2y3
First we reorder the given terms:
8x2y2 + 9x2y2 + -3x2y3 + 6x4y4
Now we combine the like terms: 8x2y2 + 9x2y2 = 17x2y2
17x2y2 + -3x2y3 + 6x4y4
Therefore the final answer is:-
17x2y2 + -3x2y3 + 6x4y4

Example 2. Simplify the expression:  5x2+7x-2x2-10x+5              
Solution :
We have two terms that have an x squared which we can combine and we have two terms that have an x that we also can combine. The number 5 does not have anything common it can combine with so it will have to stay 5.
 There are no pure numeric expressions to combine 5 with. So the number “5” remains as it is and is not grouped with any other number in the expression. Now we will be grouping the like terms together and combining them. We now get:
= 5x2+7x-2x2-10x+5 
= 5x2-2x2+7x -10x+5
= 3x2-3x+5

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