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Dimensional Analysis Calculator

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Dimensional analysis is a technique widely used in measurement of various quantities. Here in this method, we convert one measuring value to another measuring value of any given quantity. Dimensional analysis is also called as the Unit-factor method and Dimensional analysis calculator is the simple tool useful in solving problems based on it.

Example 1: Use dimensional analysis to find the number of seconds that are in 10 days?

We first know that, 1 day consists of 24 hours

Number of hours in 24 days  10 days * (24 hours)/ (1 day) = 240 hours

We know that 1 hour consists of 60minutes.

 240 hours * (60 minutes)/ (1 hour) = 14400 minutes.

We then know that 1 minute consists of 60 seconds.

 14400 minutes * (60 seconds)/ (1 minute) = 864000 seconds.

 Hence in 10 days there are 864000 seconds!

Example 2: Use dimensional analysis to find the number of millimeters present in 30.0 inches.

To get the number in millimeters, first we can convert the inches to centimeters
1inch = 2.54 centimeters.

Number of centimeters present in 30.0 inches,

 30.0 inches * (2.54 centimeters)/ (1 inch) = 76.2 centimeters.

Now we can convert the centimeters to millimeters.

1 centimeter = 10 millimeters

 Number of millimeters present in 76.2 centimeters

 76.2 centimeters * (10 millimeters)/ (1 centimeter) = 762 millimeters

 Hence in 30.0 inches there are 762 millimeters!

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