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Concentration Calculator

Concentration Calculator

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In Chemistry, a solution is made up of solute and solvent. Concentration of a solution is the measure of how much solute is present in a known amount of solvent. A solution is said to be a concentrated solution if the amount of solute is in greater quantity in the solvent. Concentration calculator is the tool very helpful in finding the concentration of a solution.


Example 1: Calculate the molarity of solution after water is added to 0.35moles of NaCl to make 100mL of solution.

There are many units for finding concentration like mole fraction(X), parts per million (ppm), normality (N) etc.

Molarity’ is the most commonly used unit for concentration among them.

Molarity, M = (number of moles of solute) / (Volume of the solution in Liters)

Volume of the given solution = 100mL = (100/1000) L ?0.100L

Molarity, M = (0.35 moles) / (0.100L)

Molarity = 3.50M


Example 2: Calculate the molality of the solution containing 0.35moles of NaCl in 500g of water.

?Both Molality and Molarity are the units for concentration and the unit Molality is different from the unit Molarity.

Molality is represented by the letter ‘m’.

Molality of solution, m = (number of moles of solute) / (mass of solvent in ‘kg’)

Here solvent is water and mass of the solvent = 500g = (500/1000) kg ?0.500kg

Molality, m = (0.35 moles)/ (0.500kg)

Molality = 0.700m


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