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Complex Calculator

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A complex number is a number which consists of both real number and an imaginary number. If a number inside a square root is a negative number, then that number is called an imaginary number. Complex calculator is the easy online tool which can calculate complex numbers together.


Example 1: Give few examples of complex numbers.

A Complex number consists of a real number and also an imaginary number.

Hence it is of the form “a + bi” where ‘a’ is a real number and ‘bi’ is the imaginary number and i = √-1

2 + 3i is a complex number since ‘2’ is a real number and ‘3i’ is an imaginary number.

2 + 3i = 2 + 3√-1 since i = √-1

Similarly, 6 – 5i, 4 + 13i, 0.2 – 8i etc. are all complex numbers!


Example 2: If a – bi = 5 – 8i, then what is the value of ‘a’ and ‘b’?

Given equation: a – bi = 5 – 8i

Here the real part and the imaginary part are together; hence they are complex numbers.

Now since the two complex numbers are equal to each other, we can compare and equate each term of the equation appropriately.

a’ is equal to ‘5’ since both are in the real number part.

bi’ is equal to ‘8i’ ? b = 8

Hence a = 5 and b = 8

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