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Calculator with negatives

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When two numbers are subtracted then we use the negative sign ‘-‘to represent the subtraction. All integers are made up of positive numbers and negative numbers. Negative numbers depending on whether they are being added, subtracted, multiplied or divided give different results. Calculator with negatives is the tool which deals with numerical operations regarding negative numbers.

Example 1: Calculate the value when -10 is added to -5.

When -10 is added to -5, it can be represented as  -10 + (-5)

Now we have to distribute the “+” sign present in the middle to the inside of (-5).

(+) * (-) = -Positive multiplied by a negative gives a negative.

-10 – 5

Now since we have two negatives numbers being subtracted in this way, the result will be the addition of the two numbers but with a negative sign!

Hence -10 – 5 = -15

Example 2: Calculate the value of (-2 * -6) – 4

To calculate the above expression, we have to first find the result of the numbers in the parenthesis!

So we have (-2 * -6)  Two negative numbers are being multiplied.

(-) * (-) = +Negative multiplied by a negative gives a positive.

-2 * -6 = +12 or 12

Now (12) – 4 = 12 – 4

12 and 4 are being subtracted!

Hence  12 - 4 = 8 

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