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Boolean expression calculator - Online Calculator - Tutorpace

Boolean expression calculator

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Boolean expression is an expression which involves Boolean operators and the final result of the expression is usually
represented by a Boolean value which is either a true statement (T) or a false statement (F). Boolean expressions have
their simplification rules and Boolean expression calculator helps us in getting an easy and quick final result.

Example 1: Prove that A + A  B = A + B

So starting from the left side of the equation,A + A  B

Now according to the Identity law, A T + A B

According to another Identity law A (T + B) + A B

According to Distributive law A T + A B + A B

According to Identity law A + B (A + A)

According to Complement law A + B T

According to Identity law A + B Hence proved!

Example 2: Simplify the given Boolean expression: B + (AB)

In order to simplify the above given Boolean expression, we have to use the Simplification laws of Boolean expressions.

According to DeMorgan’s Law, we have AB = A + B

So B + (A + B)

Now using the Commutative law we get B + (B + A),

Using the Associative law we get (B + B) + A

Using the Complement law we get, T + A

According to Identity law, T + A = T


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