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Atomic Mass Calculator

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Atomic mass is defined as the mass of an atom in atomic mass units. An atom consists of electrons, protons and neutrons. Mass of an atom is approximately equal to the number of only protons and neutrons combined together. Atomic mass calculator is an easy and fun tool helpful in finding the mass of any given element or a compound.

Example 1: Find the atomic mass of the Carbon dioxide gas.

The chemical formula of the carbon dioxide gas is CO2

To find the atomic mass of the entire compound, we have to add up the atomic masses of the individual elements (found from the periodic table).

Atomic mass of Carbon, C = 12g/mole

Atomic mass of Oxygen, O = 16g/mole

Atomic mass of CO2 = 12 + (2 * 16)

12 + 32 = 44(rounded decimal)

Atomic mass of Carbon dioxide gas, CO2 = 44g/mole

Example 2: Find the atomic mass of the compound Glucose.

The chemical formula of Glucose is C6H12O6

Atomic mass of Carbon, C = 12g/mole

Atomic mass of Hydrogen, H = 1g/mole

Atomic mass of Oxygen, O = 16g/mole.

Glucose contains ‘6 Carbon atoms’, ’12 Hydrogen atoms’ and ‘6 Oxygen atoms’.

Atomic mass ofC6H12O6 = (6*12) + (1*12) + (6*16) = 72+12+96 = 180g/mole

(The decimals are rounded. To get the exact mass look into periodic table!)

Atomic mass of Glucose = 180g/mole

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