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Angle Calculator

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Angle is the measure of rotation formed between two rays. Angles play a huge role in Geometry and there are various calculations based on angles. One complete rotation gives an angle of 360°. Angles are classified into different types such as Arc angle and central angle in a circle, complimentary and supplementary angles, etc and Angle calculator is a fun tool which can be used to find calculations based on them.

Example 1: Find the complimentary angle of 60°.

Example 2: Find the supplementary angle of 60°.

So let a = 60°, then what is angle ‘b’, when ‘a’ and ‘b’ are

supplementary angles to each other?

a + b = 180°

60° + b = 180°

Solving for ‘b’ we can subtract 60° on both sides, we get

60° + b - 60° = 180° - 60°

b = 120°

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