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Acceleration due to Gravity Calculator - Online Calculator - Tutorpace

Acceleration due to Gravity Calculator

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Acceleration due to gravity is the acceleration caused when Earth pulls any object downward towards itself. Earth has a natural tendency to exert a force on any object because of which reason every time we jump up, we eventually fall down on the ground. Acceleration due to gravity calculator is the online tool which can be used to find the changes in an object due to gravity.

Example 1: An object is thrown from the roof of a building. Find the time taken for it to reach the ground if it travels with a velocity of 80m/sec.

Acceleration =    (final velocity – initial velocity)

Since here the object is pulled downwards only by the earth, hence acceleration acting is due to gravity denoted by ‘g’.

Hence acceleration due to gravity, g = 9.8 m/sec2 (is a constant)

So 9.8 = (80 – 0)

Time = 80/9.8   Time = 80/9.8 = 8.16 m/sec2

Example 2: An object of mass 50kg is standing on the ground. Calculate the weight exerted by the object on the ground.

Mass of the object = 50kg

The equation given to find the weight of any object is W = m * g

where ‘W’ stands for weight, ‘m’ is the mass of the object

And ‘g’ is the acceleration due to gravity=9.8 m/sec2

So, weight of the object = (mass of the person) * (g)

50kg * 9.8m/sec2=490 kg m/sec2

Weight of the object= 490N.

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